Our Programs
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Dramatic Play
  • Music
  • Basic Bible History
  • Meals and Snacks
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Contact Information
Contact Information

Contact InformationFontana, California 92336

Phone:(909) 428-4835
Fax:(909) 428-4835
Welcome toLittle Blessings Childcare & Preschool

Little Blessings Childcare & Preschool is a bible history learning pre-school specializing in Early Childhood Education, basic fundamentals of bible history and the development of social/emotional, physical, and cognitive behavior.

We are committed to helping parents feel comfortable with their choice for childcare.  It is the goal of our childcare programs to give all children and their families the opportunity to experience high quality early childhood education.

The Mission at Little Blessings Childcare & Preschool

  • To model and teach young children to respect others culturally, encourage positive gender attitudes as well as promote acceptance and positive attitudes towards people with special needs.
  • To help children feel competent and excited about learning with hands-on experience; provide creative, innovative, developmentally appropriate and culturally rich education material and equipment in the context of the whole child philosophy.

Children achieve their highest potential by encouraging self-worth as well as, providing learning experiences that promote all aspects of development.