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Director’s Message

Jeana L. Starks, Director

It all began over 34 years ago between the years of 1980 and 1985.  The Lord blessed me with two little boys of my own.  It was then that I knew that I needed to make a change in my life and my career.  I realized that nothing was more important to me than my family and staying home to raise my children…and this is where it all began.

I started watching friends’ children and the children in the surrounding neighborhood.  I thought this would benefit my kids to have the interaction with other children.  I didn’t have any experience in this business so I developed my daily plan based on what I felt would be most beneficial for the kids.  I purchased learning videos and educational material that we worked on together each day.  A couple of years later we decided that it was time to move.  The parents of the children that I took care of weren’t very happy that we were leaving, but that made me feel good because it let me know that they really appreciated the care that I provided for their children.  Once we moved, I decided to go back to work and take a break from the childcare business.

After some time had passed, I realized again that my boys were in another stage in their lives and I needed to be home again.  I began taking Early Child Development and Childcare classes, obtained my license and opened LITTLE BLESSINGS in May 1997.

It is now 2013 and we are now called Little Blessings Childcare and Preschool, I have continued my education in Early Childhood Development, First Five Funded programs, UCR Extensions, SBC Cares, and KidsNCare in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  I have earned over 30 units at Mt. San Antonio College, Long Beach College, Grossmont College, UC Davis and the University of Riverside Extensions Programs.  I have received my Child Development Associate Teachers Credential.  I am a member of the National Associations for Education of Young Children and continue to participate in the educational training & activities sponsored by First Five, CAEYC, and Cares Plus of San Bernardino County. I have also received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and Adolescence at Union Institute and University.

My long term goal which we continue to work towards is to open a Non-Profit Childcare Center called LITTLE BLESSINGS PRESCHOOL AND CHILDCARE CENTER.  This center would be built on the current values & foundation principles that Little Blessings Family Home Child Care was built on back in 1997.

I am a proud Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and God-Mother as  I continue my vocation being a childcare services provider.  Being able to care for children, you must know what it is to be a parent. I know this to be very true as I have watched my sons grow to be wonderful parents themselves.