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  • Basic Bible History
  • Meals and Snacks
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Contact Information
Contact Information

Contact InformationFontana, California 92336

Phone:(909) 428-4835
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Ms. Jeana (Jeana Starks, Director)
As the Director of Little Blessings, Mrs. Starks is responsible for ensuring that the facility & staff are compliant with current state regulations. She oversees the direction and daily operations of her staff and develops a curriculum that allows all children to learn according to their own pace & retention style. Mrs. Starks ensures that staff is adequately trained and certified by planning and arranging training and in-services for preschool/childcare staff while she continues her education to maintain and improve her role as the director.

Ms. A (Asminda Medina, Teacher)
A mother of 3 children and a wife, Ms. Medina has a B.A. degree in Education. She is currently attending University of Riverside California for her Masters. Her long term goal is to Specialize in Children. She has been a preschool teacher for the past seven years and a Supervisor for the past 3 years. She is responsible for implementation/development of age appropriate curriculum. She prides herself on maintaining a respectful and safe environment both in the classroom and during outside playtime.

Ms. Granny Mae (Mae Gatewood, Teacher’s Aide)
Mrs. Gatewood has over 50 years of experience working with children. She assists with the supervision of children in organized activities, inside or outside, helps maintain a healthy, safe and nurturing environment, assist supervising teacher in implementing a daily program of activities, organize the necessary materials for the daily activities, active involvement in mealtime, snack & rest time. Mrs. Gatewood is an active member of church and has blessed our children with her gift of song.